Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Screaming Over at Monster Island News!

Hey everybody! Elske McCain here. I just wanted to clear a few things up about my new blog "Screaming My Way to the Top." I know I had told you guys that I was moving the blog to I have been having a lot of trouble with my website lately, and the people I placed in charge of running it. It turns out that my webmaster had registered the elskemccain.blogspot domain under her email address to somehow incorportate it into my website. Well, I wasn't really aware of this, and when I asked her to release the domain name back to me, there was some miscommunication, and it turns out that there is a 90 day grace period from when she releases the blog, to when I can register it myself. I don't really want to sit around for 90 days to start blogging. So here we are again. I am just going to continue to blog at jessickarabid.blogspot after all. I apologize for any confusion. Second of all, I had previously written two entries about the Breath of Hate fiasco, which I had removed for a couple of reasons. I do intend to revisit the situation at some point down the road. To be honest, this whole situation was extremely traumatic. I didn't just lose an acting job, I lost one of my best friends. I think there are many things to be learned from this. However, I have had a lot of positive learning experiences, so I would like to focus on some of those before talking about Breath of Hate again. A lot of my friends worked on the movie, and I don't want to tarnish any of their hard work with negativity. So what I have opted to do is rewrite the scenario as a lesson in a future blog. I hope you understand. Moving forward, I got a lot of really positive feedback about "Screaming My Way to the Top." In fact, Horror Website "Monster Island News" has offered to have "Screaming My Way to the Top" as a featured blog on their site! This is great news, as it will give me the chance to expose a wider audience to my insight as a B Horror Movie actress and filmmaker. I want to thank Ken Hulsey for this opportunity! He has proven to me once again that all Kens are not created equal! That's it for now. I don't really consider this an actual blog. Just kind of keeping you all up to speed on what has been going on, and what lies ahead in the future. Thank you everybody!

Love, Elske

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